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Principal's Corner

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To the Parents/Guardians of the Exceptional Students of Youngstown Preparatory Academy (YPA):




I am pleased and excited for the new year to begin and welcome the returning and new students to YPA. I have over 46 years of experience in education and have taught or was an administrator in some capacity of grades from Kindergarten through College Level.


I have always believed that all children can achieve to their full potential when given a strong base that goes with them throughout their academic careers. This is what Youngstown Preparatory Academy will be offering our children.

I believe in the mission set forth by the school’s founders of: 


It is the mission of YPA to educate all students to the highest levels of academic achievement, where they are continuously challenged to think, perform, and grow into lifelong learners”.

We believe that students are successful when you provide a safe and fun environment, the most current standard based curriculum, assessment-based instruction, small classes (15), small group instruction, individual attention, differentiated instruction so that students learn at their own pace, and are given a chance to take what they have learned and apply it outside of the classroom. We offer support programs because we believe in educating the whole child. 


Youngstown Preparatory Academy (YPA) is family oriented because we know that it takes a “VILLAGE” to raise a child because it takes everyone in that child’s life to work together for the child to be successful. I maintain an open-door policy so that all members of the community are welcome and have a voice. The YPA community CONSIST OF parents, staff, students, and community agencies. 


I look forward to school activities where families get together and talk about what is going on in the community and at YPA and you offer input as to how we can do better to service your child/ren and we congratulate our students for their accomplishments or growth.


Dr. Carol L Staten

Principal/Educational Recover Leader

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